Local Sponsor in UAE: Everything You Need to Know

Local Sponsor in UAE


Finding the best local sponsor in UAE is important to start a successful business. A local sponsor is a UAE national who will help you in dealing with government departments of the UAE to get your visas, licenses, and other approvals. 

If you are planning to start your mainland company in UAE, this blog will cover everything about a local sponsor in Dubai including their types, roles, and best way to get your ideal local partner.  

What is a Local Sponsor in UAE?

The local sponsors in UAE are referred to as local service agents, sleeping partners, or nominee shareholders, who are Emirati nationals who hold all the necessary qualifications associated with running business activities. 

Most of the mainland business setup in UAE requires you to contact an ideal local partner, holding 51% shares of your business. 

Your business setup needs a local sponsor in Dubai, UAE to ensure that your business setup is complying with all the business formation rules and regulations of the UAE. 

Types of Local Sponsor in UAE

Corporate Local Sponsors, Individual Local Sponsors, and Local Service Agents are the three, main types of sponsorship in the UAE.

Corporate Local Sponsor

Corporate sponsors are UAE-based company that acts as a local sponsor. This kind of sponsorship is ideal for businesses looking for a structured partnership. The corporate sponsorship will provide you with all the necessary support with a formal agreement including the distribution of profits, management responsibilities, and other key aspects for establishing an efficient Limited Liability Companies (LLC).

Individual Sponsor

Individual sponsorship in UAE involves an Emirati citizen acting as a local partner for your business setup in Dubai, UAE. An individual sponsor will hold 51% of the company shares, but the agreement can stipulate that the foreign investor retains full control over the operations and profits. This kind of local sponsorship in the UAE is the most flexible and affordable as compared to other sponsorships. 

Local Service Agent

Starting a professional and consultancy business in Dubai requires an agreement with a local service agent (LSA). This type of sponsor, the Emirati national acts as a representative of the business in administrative dealings but does not hold any shares in the company. 

Why do you need a local sponsor in UAE?

Complying with the legal laws of the UAE can be tough for a foreign investor. Considering the best local sponsorship in Dubai helps you to deal with the UAE government authorities, access the local market, and get the best business support and guidance. 

Legal Representation

Your local sponsor will help you in all legal matters and government dealings associated with starting a company in Dubai. You will get appropriate support and guidance to deal with every UAE legal authority to get your visas, licenses, and other permits. 

Working with a local sponsor ensures compliance with UAE commercial laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues. They will also help you to build strong relationships with government authorities, facilitating smoother interactions and approvals.

Business Setup Assistance

A local sponsor in Dubai, UAE will facilitate various processes to start your business such as business registration, all essential administrative tasks, and office space leasing. 

Market Access

A local sponsor can provide invaluable insights into the local market, helping you to navigate the complexities of marketing your business there. You can build beneficial connection to government agencies, potential clients, and partners opening doors to your success. 

Best Way to Meet the Right Local Sponsor in UAE

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