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Find the Best Local Sponsor in Dubai

VIP PRO Services will help you find the best local sponsor in Dubai to start your business. We are connected with many local business partners in Dubai who are experts in fulfilling all legal requirements and representing foreign investors or companies in dealings with government authorities.

Who is a Local Sponsor in the UAE?

A local sponsor in Dubai is a UAE national or a UAE-owned company that partners with foreign investors to establish a business. Local sponsorship is a mandatory requirement for setting up a business in Dubai and other Emirates, except in free zones where different regulations apply.

Foreign investors who want to start a business in Dubai need a local sponsor to own the majority of the business.

Selecting the right local sponsor is pivotal for establishing and managing your business in Dubai. Therefore VIP PRO Services provides the best local sponsorship in the UAE to start your new venture in the UAE.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Local Sponsor

The responsibilities of a local sponsor in Dubai extends beyond sharing company shares. A local sponsor is essential to represent your business with the UAE government and declare that your business complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The major responsibilities of a local service agent Dubai includes the following.

Legal Representation

The local sponsor in Dubai acts as the local partner or agent of the foreign investor or company in legal matters and government dealings.

Visa Sponsorship

The local sponsor sponsors visas and work permits for foreign company employees, which is the primary need to start your new business in Dubai.

Compliance and Licensing

A local sponsor in Dubai possesses the updated knowledge of local laws and regulations which is mandatory to obtain your business licenses, permits and approvals.

Build Local Connections

A local sponsor provides valuable insights into local market conditions, business practices and culture of the UAE which is essential for the success of the business.

Business Setup Assistance

The local sponsor facilitates the process of setting up the business, including company registration, office space leasing and other administrative tasks.

Types of Local Sponsors in Dubai

There are mainly three types of local sponsors in Dubai that you have to be aware of if you are planning to start a business in Dubai. Here are the major types of local sponsors in the UAE.

Corporate Local Sponsor

A corporate local sponsor can be a government or local organization that agrees to partner with you and own at least 51% of the business. The type of business you want to run in Dubai plays a vital role in choosing a perfect corporate sponsor.

Individual Local Sponsor

Entrepreneurs can partner with an individual local sponsor for business setup in Dubai. They also own at least 51% of the business. The local sponsor is the main shareholder, who provides a Power of Attorney (POA) to new entrepreneurs. This POA helps them to manage shares and rights in the business.

Local Service Agent as a Sponsor

Entrepreneurs who want to set up a mainland business in Dubai need to choose a local service agent, who must be a UAE resident. Choosing a local service agent may be the best choice for foreign investors to face any legal matters and government dealings. VIP PRO Services will help you to connect with the best local sponsor in Dubai and embark on your entrepreneurial journey

How to Find the Right Local Sponsor in Dubai?

Are you searching for the right local sponsorship in the UAE? The best way is to contact VIP PRO Services.

We are a specialized business setup consultancy in Dubai that ensures you meet with the best and most responsible local business partners in Dubai.

Local Sponsor in Dubai

Meet Our Local Sponsor in UAE

Chief Patron and Philanthropist, an Emirati Citizen and an Outstanding Soul

Meet our local business partner, who is a well-reputed figure in the UAE and actively serving the nation through various platforms. Currently, he is serving as a Business Coach, Life Coach, Counsellor and Adviser to the Government Authorities. He is actively involved in the training and consulting of Dubai Police, the Ministry Of Human Resources, the Ministry of Education and RTA. As a local sponsor, he has been working with us for many years and is close as a companion. He has given VIP PRO Services a Power of Attorney (POA) along with a strong and trustworthy partnership.

With a trustworthy partnership with our local sponsor, we are ready to set up your business in the UAE efficiently.

Talk with our expert business consultants today and must visit Arab Business Consultants to explore more about our business setup services.

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Local Sponsor in Dubai